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Racial Traits
Unit Stats 0-10
Arcana 1
Investigating 1
Health 1
Will 6
Strength 1
Defense 1
Unit Traits
Mental x 1
Eldritch x 1
Personality -10/+10
Creative/Disciplined 0
Bold/Cautious 3
Insular/Friendly -8
Devious/Honorable -6
Altruistic/Selfish 5
Individualistic/Communal 9
Matriarchal/Patriarchal 0
Variance 2
Other Racial Stats
Juvenile 15 Yrs.
Mature 30 Yrs.
Elderly 130 Yrs.
Ancient 155 Yrs.
Education 5 Yrs.
Birthrate 3%
StartLevel 2
Exp. Mod 75%
Racial Unity 10

Flayers are a major non-human race. In most scenarios, they will frequently start as a Nation in Shadow, meaning it will be easy for the Old One to recruit from their number. It is still unknown what the definitive name will be for the race, as Mind Flayers are a trademark of Wizards of the Coast.

Race[edit | edit source]

"Mysterious creatures of eldritch origins, they pursue alien agendas supported by psychic manifestations that few can resist"[1]

Alien, unknown, and absolutely terrifying, Mindflayers lurk where others fear to tread. Deep beneath stone in strangely twisted hallways that wind beneath unsuspecting surface-dwellers they scheme for a day when this adopted home shall be just another node in the greater consciousness.

The standard Underlords Trait that all Chtonians have gives a +3 bonus to Mental Attack and Defense.

Culture[edit | edit source]

We do not know exactly what sort of culture the Flayers usually have. But it will thrive on slavery and being evil.

Government[edit | edit source]

Slaver Kingdom - From every corner of the world they dominate the minds of lesser races, accumulating in their deep warrens a numberless legion of mindless warriors. These Mindflayers know that force is the only path to domination, but often fall prey to the whims of their powerful King.

The Hive - The perfect Overlord leads this group of mind flayer servitors, themselves no more than pawns in their tentacled masters schemes. With an insatiable lust for ancient lore it sends forth its minions to the world above to drag back great sages and powerful heroes alike, but be careful as it makes no distinction between Good and Evil - your Agents may find themselves dragged beneath the earth to a terrible fate.

Classes[edit | edit source]

Mindflayer Shaper - A Shaper bends the mind of others with its will like most of its kind, but it excels at the subtle manipulations that can leave an identity intact but embedded with a personality that better suits the needs of the colony. Shapers tread with care on the surface world, but are often found accompanied by Heroes who are unaware of its true form.

Mindflayer Battlemind - It is foolish to suppose that the Mindflayers are possessed only of subtle means of coercion. When war is called for the Battlemind is at the center, dominating each slave in the Hive's Arsenal and picking apart the enemy's tactics. A Battlemind prepares by journeying to distant lands and learning from its Generals, whether or not they wish it to be the case.

Agents[edit | edit source]

There are no known Flayer Agents.

Old Ones[edit | edit source]

No Old One has a known connection to the Flayers.

Military Units[edit | edit source]

We do not know what sort of units the Flayers will field.

References[edit | edit source]