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Moloch, the Fetid Primeval

Moloch is an Old One who was added as a stretch goal, and is not being developed for inclusion at release time.

The Fetid Primevil[edit | edit source]

Moloch found this world just to his taste, warm and wet - populated by primitive creatures that had no notion of the divine. He set his roots deep in the moist earth, penetrating through generations of raw mass accumulated over ages, and there he fed on the cycle of life.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Parasite - Moloch's corpse festers deep within the earth and in his slumber his tendrils have spread. As he stirs Moloch may give birth to fetid pools that serve as a conduit to the world's past. In time even his tendrils may emerge, laying waste to the earth.
Ability Unlocks at Cost Description

Fetid Pool


1(+1 Per Pool)

Power a portion of your decayed tendrils into the world above, adding the Fetid Pool modifier to a POI.

  • The Savage Allure - Moloch threads himself not just through the physical matter of the world but its essence through time. Drawing on that connection he can restore the world to its proper state, a jungle of savage beasts and simple creatures to sing his praise.
Ability Unlocks at Cost Description

Echoes of the Past



Must be used within 1 POI of a Pool or Tendril. Creates a Echoing Past modifier at any Forest/Jungle/Swamp POI.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Moloch is a slow rising Old One who presents global challenges to the World. Unlike Azlan who resides in shadows and uses mystery and fog to remain unknown, Moloch spreads himself through the world like a parasite. Heroes may quickly come to realize what is happening but will struggle to defeat his many tendrils that emerge throughout the world, all the while the world struggles against a ceaseless drift to a more dangerous time.

Posting on the Bay 12 Games forums, KDG mentioned that Moloch may have his tendrils burst through the ground and wreck things, but doing so gives heroes an opportunity to attack his heart, or at least cut off some of the tendrils.